How Custom Software Should Be

Software is known for being complex, rigid, and over-priced. We believe it doesn’t have to be.

Our Advantage

We bring a wide range of technical experience in custom software design and development.

Our forward-thinking values and technical insight enable us to see industry changes before they arrive, and help companies adapt in advance.

By thinking outside the box, and using next-generation open-source technologies, we are able to tackle problems far more efficiently than traditional software companies.

Our Values

We have seen way too much wasteful billing, vendor lock-in, and broken promises in the world of software. These things actually hurt business’s ability to thrive. We believe this defeats the whole purpose of technology, and we want to do something different.

Be Revolutionary

We believe in the phrase “Improve or die.” Nothing is too sacred to re-invent or too strong to take to the next level.

Radical Openness

We believe that honesty and openness is the key to getting the most out of every opportunity. We’re free with our tools, processes, and strategy. You’ll get direct access to the whole team, and every line of code we write for you. And although it irks some people, we won’t lie on anyone’s behalf.


Everything we do is driven by a hungry pursuit of wonder. We’ll go out of our way to try a new approach or new technology if it will produce a better experience for the end user, and ultimately for the business.

We’re All on the Same Side

We firmly believe that business is not a zero-sum game. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. We believe the best things happen when we have a bias towards common ground, and act with each others’ interests in mind. When the going gets tough, we never point fingers, but are committed to finding the next step forward.

Humans Above Machines

Technology exists to serve humans, not vice versa. We don’t build technology that takes advantage of people, participates in unethical mass surveillance, or violates privacy rights.

How we got started

Emmert Technology LLC was founded by Robby Emmert, an entrepreneur from Michigan with a background in software development in cross-cultural environments. Robby started his career at age 14 building websites for local businesses and organizations, and now builds software for enterprises of all sizes.


As a developer, Robby discovered that he could significantly reduce the cost of advanced software development by creating reusable, modular software. Because of this, Robby discovered he could empower businesses of all sizes to create solutions that previously only the largest tech giants could enjoy.

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